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10 Killer Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife That Will Have Her Smiling

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start searching for a gift. While you could go and grab some flowers from the gas station and a generic card at the last minute, that’s generally not recommended for any husbands. Instead, plan ahead of time with these mothers day gift ideas for your wife so that you can show your her how much you love her and how thankful you are for her!

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

1. Baby Footprint Necklace

This is a gift that your wife will definitely not have because it’s fairly new and really unique. In order to get this, you will have to send in a scan of your baby’s footprints to the website. After this, professional artists will turn those footprints into a rubber stamp that is customized just for your child. From here, the footprints are put onto a silver heart necklace and the name of your baby is written on the front. You can find this at www.uncommongoods.com for $220.

2. Giant Cups

Okay so I know a cup doesn’t sound like a very great gift, but if your wife likes the occasional (or daily) cocktail, then this is a great choice. There are giant martini, margarita, champagne and wine glasses that hold triple or more liquid that regular glasses do, so she will be feeling great on mother’s day! These cups can be found all over the internet and some can even be customized. Generally they are around $20 each, which means you can definitely afford the liquor to go along with it.

3. Customized Robe

Your wife does a lot to take care of your kids, so giving her a robe will give her a way to relax in something comfortable. These come in a lot of different colors and are really soft, so she will be in plush luxury. You can even have her name or nickname written on the front of it! You can find these at a lot of different websites, but they are normally around $50.

4. Maid Service

Unless you’re going to whip out the gloves and bleach, hiring a maid service is a great way to get the house clean. Hire the service to come over for a week or once a week for a month. This will help your wife out considerably and will ensure you don’t get in trouble for not taking out the trash or doing the dishes. The cost of this will vary, so compare prices with different local companies.

5. Customized Photo Book

If you want to make a special gift, then a customized photo book is going to be something she will really love. You can make this online through Shutterfly.com and prices are really reasonable. All you have to do is upload the pictures, choose page layouts and write what you want! It can actually be a lot of fun to make this, but make sure she isn’t around while you’re making it.

6. Tea Infuser

My wife LOVES to drink tea, so I looked up infusers for her to use. I ended up finding a lot of different types of these, including some that look like rubber duckies and even one that looks like the Titanic! You can find these online through a lot of different sites. Add in some luxury teas and nice mugs so she has everything she needs to brew a cup.

7. Hanky Panky Underwear Bouquet

If you want an alternative to roses, this is it. Hanky Panky makes these by rolling up panties and sticking them onto fake rose stems. They package this nicely and you end up with a bouquet of quality underwear! It’s seriously a fun gift that your wife will actually use, so consider it!

8. Surprise Hair Day

Do some investigative work to find out which salon your wife goes to. This is probably as easy as looking at her Facebook or asking her best friend. After you find this out, schedule her a hair appointment and make sure you include any beauty treatments that she regularly gets. Do this on a day that is good for her and watch the kids while she’s out.

9. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting can be a lot of fun for both of you and can make for a nice night out. Schedule this for mother’s day and make sure to go to dinner when you’re done. You could even turn this into a weekend away, but that will require more planning.

10. Casual Evening

Make dinner, rent some movies and grab some massage oils before sending the kids away for a night. Your wife will appreciate some relaxation and this will give you both time together that you don’t get often enough. Step your game up, though, and make a recipe that she will really love!