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30 Things You Should Never Pay For

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for some ways to save money. There are some things you can do that won’t cost you a cent without even realizing it! Every time you throw a 24 pack of bottled water in your cart or you buy a new package of pens.. You are spending money that you could be saving. You may be thinking that you need to spend money to get those things. However, in all reality there are many things that you are probably spending money that don’t you don’t actually need to be spending money on. If you are wanting to find out ways to cut your spending, here are thirty things you should never pay for!

1. Checking Accounts

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to open up a checking account, its part of becoming an adult. There are some banks that require you to pay for a checking account but why do that when you can have one for free? Do some research for banks in your area that have fee-less checking accounts.

2. Social Networking

Believe it or not, there are some social media sites that make you pay to use their services. There is no reason for this! Twitter, Google +, and even Facebook are all free to use. You never have to pay a dime to tell your friends what’s on your mind when using these sites.

3. Television

Cable and satellite rates can be pretty outrageous, but you don’t have to pay them! There are always around 6 local channels that you can get for free. You may need an antenna to access them perfectly but you won’t pay to watch them. Fox is usually one of those channels and who doesn’t love Fox?

4. Blogging

Some pay a monthly fee to keep their blog up and running. This isn’t necessary at all! There are many sites that offer you blogging services for free such as Blogger and WordPress. You can even build your websites in a very easy and simple way when using these sites!

5. Credit Reports

There are many people out there that will pay quite a bit to find out their credit score. AnnualCreditReport.com is the only source online that is authorized to provide you with a credit report, yearly.

6. Reading

Reading is very important, I’m sure you know that. Which is why you should never have to pay to do it! You can go to your public library and get a library card for free and you can download books on the Internet. There are many ways to read your favorite stories without paying for it.

7. Sexual Protection

There are many places where you can get condoms for free. Health departments hand them out like they are water just as well as Planned Parenthood locations. If you are in college, there are many college clinics that give them out for free too. You should never have to pay to have safe sex.

8. Straws

You should never buy straws. Rather than paying for a package of straws, save all of your fast food drink straws instead. Wash them up and you’ve got yourself a straw for every drink you have in your home.

9. Anti-Virus Software

The Internet does have a number of viruses lying around that put your computer at risk. All computers should have anti-virus software to protect them but you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Microsoft has a new anti-virus software program called Microsoft Security Essentials that’s free to use.

10. Ironing Board

You do not need a board to iron on! You can iron on anything that has a towel covering it so you don’t burn them. You will waste a great deal of money on an ironing board.

11. Condiments

Every time you go to a fast food place, stock up on their ketchup and mustard packets! You can easily make a collection of them over time to where you don’t need to pay for the bottles.

12. New Language Lessons

You don’t need to pay a teacher or tutor when it comes to learning a new language. Many people post videos on YouTube teaching you a number of new things. There are also manybooks and audio CDs that will help you learn a new language as well.

13. Boxes

If you are moving or you are shipping something to someone, you don’t have to buy the boxes. All you need to do is save your boxes every time you order something and remove all of the shipping info and stamping. For moving boxes, you can visit with local grocery stores and make friends with them.

14. Music

While you pay a fortune on iTunes, many others are saving money by using Pandora instead. Spotify and Playlist are some other locations online that offer you free music as well. Many people opt out of paying for music these days.

15. Information

You’re stumped on a very tough question about a movie, show or any other factor of life. Do you pay to find out this information? Not a chance. Google services are always free!

16. Long-Distance Calling

You should never have to pay to talk to someone you love that is far away. You can use Skype as a way to see and talk to someone that is far away!

17. Water

So, you buy bottled water when you go grocery shopping? Are you forgetting that there is water that comes out of your faucet for free? Well, it’s not really free but it costs much less than bottled water. If you are worried about the quality, a water filter will still save you more than buying bottled water.

18. Office Supplies

Don’t get too carried away if you do this but each time you go to the bank or other locations that offer pens, it’s harmless to take one. Even from your office. Again, just don’t start going overboard and stealing everything you see!

19. Exercise

You don’t need to pay for a gym membership to get the exercise you need. Put on your running shoes and go for a run around the block! You can even get exercise with your gaming systems now with video games such as Zumba and Wii Fitness. Those will cost you money, but they’ll be less than a gym membership in the long run.

20. Entertainment

You don’t have to go to the movies and break your bank completely to get entertainment. You can instead go to your local library, college or university and find a number of plays or events that are free. You can usually sign up to be notified when these events take place.

21. Kids Meals

There are many restaurants that offer free kids meals such as Denny’s. Don’t pay for your child to eat when you don’t have to!

22. News

Whether you want to know what is going on in your town, across the country or across the world, you can find out for free. Watch the news on your free local channel or use Yahoo to find out what is going on in the world around you.

23. Tupperware

There are many places that send food in great containers when you order from them. Save all of your food containers when you order take-out as they can serve as good Tupperware.

24. Fun in the Sun

The beach is a wonderful place to have some fun under the sun and some places make you pay to do that! That’s outrageous. There are many beaches out there that let you play in the sand and water, free of charge.

25. Luggage Fees

You have to travel with luggage and that’s not something you should have to pay for. Book your next flight with an airline that doesn’t charge you with crazy airline baggage fees like Southwest Airlines.

26. Wi-Fi

There are many locations that offer free Wi-Fi these days. McDonald’s, Starbucks and more. Chances are, you visit with these locations often and you can use their Internet when you do!

27. Napkins

Every time you go out to eat, grab some napkins to take home with you. They offer these napkins for free, so no you aren’t stealing.

28. Newspaper

Instead of buying the newspaper, go to the newspaper’s Internet site. It’s likely that you will find all of the same information on there that you would in that day’s edition.

29. Baby Formula

If you gave birth, breast feed instead. You’ll save much more money than you could even imagine by doing this.

30. 411 Services

Calling 411 costs you money each time you call it. Instead, call 1-800-FREE-411 as they will give you the same information as the simple 411 does. You can also text ChaCha at 242242 for free too!