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7 Things Every Wife Wants in a Husband

Have you ever wondered what wives look for in a husband? Do they look for men that are handsome and charming? Do they look for men that have good manners and the ability to provide them financial support? The truth is that there are seven things that women look for in their ideal husband. Take a closer look and see if you possess these key qualities that women are looking for these days. Most of these are qualities that women have considered to be important for many centuries.
Here are 7 things every wife wants in a husband:

1. Good Looks

While not every woman bases their opinion on looks, there are not many women out there that can say that they don’t care at all about the way their husband looks. Women want to find men that have good hygiene and care for themselves properly. Physical attraction is really important when it comes to relationships. Men who are looking for a future wife should always consider their personal appearance.

2. Solid Support

Most women will want to find a man that can protect her and support her. This is especially true if she wants to start a family with him. This is something that dates back many, many years. Traditionally, men would go out and hunt for the food while women stayed home and cared for the family. While this dynamic has definitely changed over time, it is still important for men to be financially supportive of their wives. That does not mean riches and wealth, just simply financial stability.

3. Respect

This day and age, women have a very high standing in society. That does not mean that men should not treat them with the utmost respect. While women want to have equal rights as men, that does not mean that men should treat them the same way they would other men. Men should love and respect their wives at all times.

4. Kindness

Women love it when men are kind and considerate of them. There are so many different ways that men can show kindness. Sometimes, a simple gift “just because”, or a little note letting them know just how much they are loved is enough to make a woman’s heart smile. These random acts of kindness don’t have to happen every day, but often enough to let her know that you care.

5. Maturity

It is understood that there are many women out there that prefer older men because they feel that they have had more time to mature. It is a proven fact that men mature slower than women. Younger men will need to ditch their immature attitudes and behaviors if they really want to find a great catch. Immaturity is something that can run women off very quickly. Most women that are looking for husband material don’t really want a one night stand. If this is the mentality that younger guys have, then why wouldn’t women look for older men instead?

6. Confidence

Women love confidence. That should not be mistaken with cockiness. Men should act like they know what they are doing, and they should do everything with confidence. Women want men to know what they want in life, and not let anything stand in their way.

7. Honesty

Last, but certainly not least, women want a man that can be honest with them. A relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust. With that in mind, a relationship that does not have trust will eventually crumble. Men should always be honest with their wives. This helps to build that trust and ensure their wives that they will be honest about everything, even the little things.

As you can see, there are definitely some things that women look for in a husband. If you are playing the field looking for a future wife, you will want to make sure that you have each of these qualities. Women usually know what they want. If you can follow this advice, then you will not really have much trouble finding a woman that will be great wife material.

There may be certain areas that you need to work on, while there may be other areas that you have already perfected. You can never be too good looking, too supportive, too respectful, too kind, or too mature. However, you can be too confident and too honest at times.