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7 Ways to Be a Better Dad to Your Daughter

Unconditional Love

Unlimited love is the chief ingredient for being a good father. You don’t have to struggle bringing this out as it’s something inborn; just let it flow out naturally. Most men tend to withhold love under a false exterior to appear tough and manly and guess what happens? They make it practically impossible for their daughters to grow close to them. You don’t want to intimidate your lovely daughter. Let her know that you love her and let her find you approachable.

Be the Guide

Your little girl is growing up. She does not know much and needs your good guidance to make choices and crucial decisions in her life. Daughters often view their dads as the protector, provider and overall super human. Being the superman in her life means that she expects you to not only be there for her but to guide her through any sorts of challenges she might face in her life be it at home or school.

Be Supportive

Your word of guidance is not sufficient to build a strong foundation for your daughter. Your presence and moral (and at time physical) support is all she needs to start realizing her true being. It goes without saying that in addition to advising her on various aspects of her life you must be more than willing to provide her with a shoulder to lean on whenever things don’t go her way. By doing this you’ll build her confidence and make her more stable (psychologically).

Be the Best Man Ever

Sometimes, it’s the little things we do that matter the most in what our daughters grow up to be. So, if you’re (for instance) rude to the grocery store clerk or rough on your pet, know that your daughter is watching. Worse still, if you’re treating her mom badly, know that she’s taking notes. Start demonstrating good virtues – be honest, respectful and sometimes emotional.

Good Communication is Vital

As far as fostering a good relationship with your daughter is concerned, you have to know that communication (two-way communication) is vital. The easier she finds it to share information with you, the stronger her identity will turn out to be as she grows up. Please note that information can take different dimensions e.g disagreements, a word of encouragement, a word of advice. All of them if well shared are very healthy for your relationship with her.

Tell Her She’s Beautiful and More

It has been proven that women love compliments and your daughter is no exception. So start telling her she’s pretty. Compliment her intelligence, her strength and her hard work etc. Show her that her contribution, no matter how small, matters. Above all, to help her cope with negative criticism in life, teach her to appreciate herself first.

Share Some Fun with Her

Whenever you can, reserve some time to have fun with your daughter. Teach her some new games. Tell her some sweet stories. Accompany her while she goes shopping. If she loves watching movies, why not take her out for one whenever you’re free? Just to say, there are no limits as to what fun you can share with your daughter. Fun times create an environment of safety and security, meaning that your daughter feels safe to speak her mind on some topic she would otherwise avoid.

Even if you follow just a few of these tips, you’ll be way ahead of the game, a better dad to your daughter, and your daughter will love being with you more.