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Wear This, Not That – Avoid Embarrassing Your Kids in Public

Most dads couldn’t care less about fashion and how they dress, but once their teenage children begin to get embarrassed around them, they finally gain interest on the way they look. There really isn’t one specific style that dads should follow, but there are certain style rules that you should keep in mind.

When a dad notices their teenager getting embarrassed with the way they look, they become quite cautious with the clothes they put on. This in turn, causes them to try too hard when picking out the clothes they wear.

The style options that dads are given are quite limited, because some teens tend to get embarrassed with all the clothes their parents wear. With a couple tips in mind, you can be less embarrassing when around your kids.

3 Style Rules so Your Teen isn’t Embarrassed by You

1. Don’t Wear Clothes Out Of Your Age Group

One of the most embarrassing and annoying things that teenagers hate is to see their dad wearing clothes that weren’t made for people in their age group. It is very embarrassing to walk around with your dad wearing clothes that their classmate could wear.

So make sure you don’t buy any clothes that weren’t made for people in your age group. Clothes that aren’t age appropriate basically include jerseys, wife beaters, skinny jeans, basketball shorts, and sweats. When buying clothes, always remember exactly what your child would think about the outfit.

2. Don’t Copy Famous Celebrity Clothes

Never ever wear clothes inspired by the hottest male models and celebrities. The last thing you want is for your child to think you’re an impersonator of their favorite celebrity.

If you see an outfit that was worn by Justin Bieber or Zac Efron and you thought it would look nice on you, it likely won’t. There’s a reason why these clothes are worn by celebrities; they are very over the top and something that regular people won’t wear.

3. Don’t Match Your Clothes With Your Teen

Don’t ever wear colors and clothes that are matching with your teenage child. Not only will it embarrass them, but it will likely give their friends bullying rights for quite some time. If your child isn’t aware that you’re matching clothes with them, then don’t risk it. As hard as it is to believe, kids nowadays don’t find it cool to wear similar clothes with their dad.

Tips On Dressing Properly As A Dad With Teenagers

– Dress Neat And Slick

When dressing yourself, simply go for a neat and slick look. Consider a simple business look that is comfortable and clean. Remember, the less design the clothes is, the better. Don’t wear clothes that have so many unneeded designs and shocking colors. A simple long sleeved polo tucked in black pants and a belt is the perfect example of an appropriate dad outfit.

– Don’t Worry About Latest Trends

When buying new clothes, don’t worry about following the latest fashion trends, because the more simple the clothes you wear the better. Dads should not really care about wearing clothes that are up-to-date with the latest trends. That being said, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to wear boring old clothes.

– Ask Your Teen’s Opinion

Don’t be afraid or shameful to ask your teenagers what they think about your clothes. Let’s face it, children nowadays have become quite articulate fashion experts that know a lot about what and what not to wear. Plus, getting your teenagers advice will ensure you that you won’t windup wearing clothes that embarrasses them.

When buying your clothes, always consider buying outfits in various types of simple colors. Avoid shocking colors like bright orange or green, hot pink, and shimmering gold. Neutral colors are the most dad appropriate, and these colors include, beige, brown, light blue, maroon, and teal. If you want to take a risk on the clothes you wear without embarrassing your teenage kids, only wear one stylish piece at a time. Basically, if you want to be stylish, only wear a trendy belt or jacket, but never wear them all at once.

By keeping the advice above in mind while dressing yourself and shopping for new clothes, your fashion sense won’t be an embarrassment to your teenage kids.