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Creating a DIY Family Vision Board

Many families struggle to align their dreams and goals. Kelly Pietrangeli showed us the power of a Family Vision Board in 2012 when she created one with her children. This article will guide you through making your own board, turning family dreams into achievable goals. Get ready to dream together!

Key Takeaways

  • A Family Vision Board visually captures dreams and goals using images, words, and objects to inspire actions towards achieving those aspirations.
  • Creating a vision board together strengthens family bonds by allowing each member to express their personal dreams while contributing to a unified family goal.
  • Regularly reviewing and discussing the vision board keeps everyone focused and motivated on the shared journey towards realizing their collective visions.
  • Digital vision boards offer an innovative alternative, enabling families to use online tools for creating personalized boards that can be easily accessed from anywhere.
  • Exploring different formats for vision boards like posters, digital platforms, or corkboards allows families to customize their experience and find what works best for them in manifesting their dreams.

Understanding Vision Boards

Understanding Vision Boards: A vision board visually represents your aspirations and helps in manifesting them. It encourages positive thinking and motivates you to work towards your goals.

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a powerful tool that captures your dreams, desires, and goals using images, words, and objects. This collage serves as a visual representation of what you aim to achieve in life.

By selecting pictures from books or magazines, adding personal photos or motivational quotes, you create a personalized board full of inspiration. Each element on the board symbolizes an aspect of the future you are working towards.

Creating a Vision Board taps into the Law of Attraction by focusing your thoughts and intentions on your aspirations. It encourages positive thinking and motivation by constantly reminding you of your goals.

Whether it’s displayed in a common family area or kept private for individual reflection, this visual snapshot guides your actions and decisions towards realizing those valuable experiences represented on the board.

How Do Vision Boards Work?

Vision boards serve as a powerful tool in the goal-setting process, engaging the mind through artistic expression. By selecting images and words that resonate with personal goals, dreams, and values, individuals give life to their aspirations.

This act of choosing and displaying these elements on a board creates a form of visual affirmation. Constantly seeing these affirmations encourages individuals to focus their thoughts and actions towards achieving their desires.

The creative process involved not only clarifies intentions but also reinforces commitment by aligning daily actions with long-term goals.

The effectiveness of vision boards lies in their ability to keep dreams active within the mind’s eye, serving as a constant reminder to pursue set objectives. They foster an environment where goal-oriented actions become more intentional, making the journey towards desired outcomes more guided and purposeful.

Through this alchemical mix of intentionality, feeling-driven imagery, and strategic action planning, vision boards bridge the gap between present realities and future aspirations.

The Benefits of a Family Vision Board

A Family Vision Board Promotes Happiness and Positivity, Encourages a Shared Family Vision, and Aids in Realizing Family Goals. Creating a vision board aligns family members towards shared aspirations, brings positivity into the household dynamic, and serves as a visual reminder of what the family is striving for.

Promotes Happiness and Positivity

Creating a Family Vision Board serves as a powerful tool for promoting happiness and positivity within the family. By focusing on desired goals and dreams, it encourages every member to visualize success and embrace optimistic mindsets.

This process not only clarifies what the family collectively aims to achieve but also teaches children the importance of aiming high in life. The joy comes from working together on something artistic and meaningful, where each person’s input is valued.

The journey of making a vision board itself becomes an exercise in mindfulness and gratitude. Families get to acknowledge their desires openly, discussing what truly matters to them in a positive light.

Engaging in such activities boosts confidence among all members and plants the seeds of resilience by reminding everyone that they have control over their future outcomes. It transforms mere hopes into tangible objectives, setting the stage for shared happiness as achievements are celebrated together.

Encourages a Shared Family Vision

Moving from fostering happiness and positivity, developing a Family Vision Board takes the next step by uniting members under a common goal. This process allows everyone to express their dreams and plans, making it easier for the family to support each other’s aspirations.

From aspirations like baking to long-term goals such as careers or travel plans mentioned during brainstorming sessions, every idea finds its place on the board. This collaborative effort not only strengthens communication but also ensures that every voice is heard, reinforcing the family’s bond.

By engaging in this activity, families pave the way for mutual understanding and shared expectations. The act of visualizing these goals together using images and objects fosters a sense of accountability among members to work towards achieving them.

It turns individual hopes into collective ventures, where successes are celebrated together. Notably, experiences from creating their vision board led one family to enjoy numerous fun trips they had dreamt about together, embodying how powerful a unified family vision can be in manifesting desired outcomes in real life.

Aids in Realizing Family Goals

Creating a family vision board acts as a powerful tool to help the family work towards common goals. It brings clarity and focus to each member’s individual aspirations, fostering an environment of shared ambition and support.

By consistently visualizing these ambitions on the vision board, families can actively pursue their dreams together, creating an atmosphere of unity and determination.

The activity is not just about setting intentions; it serves as a constant reminder for everyone in the family to take active steps toward realizing their collective aspirations. This practice instills important values like perseverance and teamwork in children, while reinforcing the significance of goal-setting as a family unit.

Steps to Create a Family Vision Board

To create a family vision board, first initiate a discussion and brainstorm ideas with your loved ones. Then visualize the future through a time travel exercise. Gather the necessary materials and find images and objects that represent your family’s vision before arranging them on the board.

Initial Discussion and Brainstorming

When initiating the family vision board project, start by engaging in an open conversation about everyone’s hopes and dreams. Encourage each family member to share their aspirations, no matter how big or small.

This step ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and valued, setting a positive tone for the activity. By allowing each individual to contribute ideas, it fosters a sense of unity and collaboration as the family collectively visualizes its future.

After discussions, move on to brainstorming specific goals and images that represent these aspirations.

Time Travel Exercise: Visualizing the Future

Transitioning from the initial discussion and brainstorming, the “Time Travel Exercise: Visualizing the Future” is a crucial step in creating a family vision board. This exercise involves imagining into the future and visualizing what your ideal family life looks like.

It’s an opportunity to explore aspirations, goals, and dreams as a family unit. By engaging in this exercise, families can gain insight into each other’s desires, fostering open communication and unity while laying down a common vision for their future.

Visualizing yourselves in different scenarios also creates excitement about achieving these goals together. Reflecting on individual ambitions allows families to understand each other better and gives children valuable insights into personal growth and achievement.

Gathering Necessary Materials

Transitioning from visualizing the future to gathering necessary materials involves focusing on tangible items. To create a family vision board, you will need a roll of paper table cloth, magazines, scissors, and glue.

While going through magazines, be sure to clip everything you like including colors, words, and interesting images. Additionally, use the internet to find specific images related to your family goals for a more personalized touch.

Finding Images and Objects that Represent the Family Vision

Transitioning from gathering necessary materials, the next step involves finding images and objects that represent the family vision. Look through magazines, print out photos from the internet, and gather words or phrases that resonate with your family’s goals.

Choose images and objects that closely align with your collective vision for the future.

Gather visuals and items that reflect happiness, success, shared experiences, or any other aspects of your family’s aspirations. Whether it’s a picture of a vacation destination or an item symbolizing togetherness, ensure they speak directly to the overall vision you’re aiming to manifest on your family vision board.

Arranging the Vision Board

Arranging the vision board involved cutting out images and words from magazines, deciding on their placement, and gluing them onto the paper tablecloth. The process of arranging the vision board allowed each family member to express their individual aspirations and dreams while contributing to a shared vision for the future.

This collaborative activity fostered a sense of unity among family members as they worked together to arrange the visual representations of their collective goals and desires on the board.

How to Use a Vision Board for Manifestification

Place the board in a frequently visible location, ensuring it remains in sight. Make sure to regularly review and discuss the board with your family to keep the vision alive and real.

Placing the Board Where it’s Frequently Visible

Position the family vision board in a central location where everyone can easily see it. This constant visibility allows every member to absorb and internalize the shared aspirations, reinforcing their commitment to achieving them.

Whether it’s in the living room or kitchen, placing the board prominently ensures that each family member is regularly reminded of their collective goals and remains motivated to work towards realizing them.

Regular Review and Discussion of the Board

After placing the board where it’s frequently visible, it’s important to have regular review and discussion of the family vision board. This ensures that everyone in the family stays connected with their goals and aspirations.

It also provides an opportunity for each family member to share their thoughts and feelings about the vision board, creating a sense of unity and collaboration.

Regular review and discussion of the board can help keep everyone motivated and accountable. By regularly reflecting on progress made towards achieving the visions depicted on the board, each family member can stay focused on their individual contributions to making those visions a reality.

Digital Vision Board: An Alternative

Create a digital vision board by selecting the right tool and sourcing online images. You can either use a template or start from scratch, then save your digital vision board for easy access.

Choosing the Right Tool

When creating a digital vision board, finding the right tool is crucial. Many free and user-friendly online platforms like Canva or Pinterest can be used to create your vision board from scratch or using templates.

A digital vision board allows for easy sourcing of online images and provides the flexibility to arrange them as per your family’s unique vision. Once created, saving the digital vision board on social media or in a cloud-based platform ensures that it’s accessible from anywhere.

By selecting the appropriate tool, such as design software or digital collage tools, you can effortlessly bring your family’s dreams and aspirations to life through an engaging visual format.

Sourcing Online Images

When creating a digital vision board, sourcing online images is essential for finding the right visuals to represent your family’s goals and aspirations. Utilizing search engines, stock photo websites, and social media platforms allows for a wide variety of images to choose from.

This process provides the opportunity to curate an array of visuals that strongly resonate with your family’s shared vision, adding depth and vibrancy to your digital vision board.

Using these sources ensures that you have access to diverse and meaningful images that accurately convey the emotions and ideas behind your family goals. By leveraging online platforms, you can easily find captivating visuals that align with the specific themes or concepts depicted in your family’s vision board.

Using a Template or Starting from Scratch

When creating a family vision board, you have the option to use a template or start from scratch. Using a template can provide guidance and save time in the creation process. On the other hand, creating a vision board from scratch allows for personalized and unique content, tailored towards your family’s specific goals and aspirations.

In considering whether to use a template or start from scratch, it is important to factor in what will work best for your family’s visioning process.

Saving Your Digital Vision Board

Transitioning from the process of creating a digital vision board, it is essential to consider saving and preserving your masterpiece. After investing time and effort in curating your digital vision board, ensure to save it securely for easy access and future reference.

It’s advisable to save your digital vision board in a location accessible by all family members for regular review and manifestation reinforcement.

Different Vision Board Ideas & Formats

Explore various vision board ideas and formats to create a DIY family vision board. Consider options like a poster, digital format, portable accordion fold book, goal-specific layout, cork or bulletin board display, inspiration wall, small boards in a planner, art journal entries, and even Pinterest boards.

Tailor the format to include aspirations for careers, self-care strategies, love and relationships goals as well as visuals depicting positivity and travel destinations.

How to Make a Vision Board that Works

To make a vision board that works, start by gathering materials such as a poster board or corkboard, magazines, scissors, glue sticks, markers, and embellishments like stickers or printables.

Next, have a family discussion to brainstorm goals and dreams for the future. Encourage each family member to share their ideas and aspirations openly. Then collect images and words from magazines that represent these visions and place them on the board in an appealing layout.

Position the vision board where it can be seen daily as a constant reminder of your family’s shared goals.

Finally, schedule regular check-ins with the whole family to review progress and discuss any adjustments needed. This active participation will help everyone stay motivated while working towards realizing your collective dreams.


Crafting a DIY Family Vision Board is an exciting project that encourages shared goals and promotes positivity. It helps clarify aspirations and creates a visual representation of the family’s dreams.

Creating and using a family vision board can be a fun and fulfilling activity for everyone involved, bringing the family closer together in the process.


1. What is a DIY family vision board?

A DIY family vision board is a creative project where families can display their dreams, goals, and reasons for wanting to achieve them in a visual format.

2. Why should we create a family vision board?

Creating a family vision board helps everyone stay focused on common goals, inspires action towards achieving these goals, and encourages discussions about the future.

3. How do we decide what to put on our family vision board?

Start by asking each family member questions about their personal dreams, how they see the future, and what makes them happy. Then combine these ideas to represent your family’s collective vision.

4. Can using the bagua map help in creating our vision board?

Yes! The bagua map from Feng Shui can guide you on where to place specific aspirations like wealth, health, or love relationships on your vision board for better energy flow and focus.