Welcome To The Simple Dad

New Dad In Charge at TheSimpleDad.com

Hi, I’m Mike, the new owner of TheSimpleDad.com blog. I acquired the site several months ago and have been working with my team to fix technical issues, upgrade the design, and plan for the future.

Starting today, you’ll see a variety of post types on the site. Many will be about my experiences as a dad, entrepreneur, and person. I’ll share content related to parenting, education, schooling, and my own hobbies and interests as a father. I’ll also feature guest posts from parents and experts who can provide helpful perspectives on parent-child relationships.

I’m also working on creating video content for the blog and social media. My goal is to share honest, useful advice, hacks, and reviews of products that have helped me be a better dad and person.

The blog will initially cover it’s cost via affiliate links. If you see a link, I’ll note if it’s an affiliate link. This means I’ve used and tested the product and found it helpful.

Thanks for visiting! Please reach out if you have suggestions for improving the site or your experience here.