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The 20 Best Ways to Save Money

With the economy still struggling and many people struggling to pay their bills, it’s always good to have as many ways as possible to save money. Below are the 20 best ways to save money today.

The 20 Best Ways to Save Money

Go Grocery Shopping with a Purpose

Always make a list before shopping, and never go while you’re hungry. Try to go when you are in a hurry so you don’t spend time browsing.

Buy in Bulk

So many people shop for the moment. You can save a lot of cash by buying items in bulk. This way you’ll shop less because you won’t constantly be running out of things like toilet paper.

Don’t Eat Out

Cook at home as often as possible. If you’re busy this can be difficult, but if you plan ahead and keep it simple it can be done.

Pay Bills in a Timely Fashion

Avoid late fees by paying bills when they’re due. If this isn’t possible try to eliminate all the unnecessary things in your life.

Bundle your Bills

Many companies now allow you to bundle your cable, cell phone and internet in one bill, saving you a ton of money.

Raise Your Car Insurance Deductible

While it could get you in trouble later, raising your deductible could end up saving you almost 20% on your monthly car insurance premium.

Stop Smoking

This only applies to those who smoke, but quitting a one-pack-a-day habit could save you $150 a month if you are a smoker.

Pack Your Lunch

Forget going to the little Mexican place for lunch every day with your co-workers. Try packing your own lunch every day for big savings.

Balance your Checkbook

Avoid overdraft and bounced check fees by keeping track of your expenditures. A lot of this can now easily be tracked online.

Don’t Use the ATM

ATM’s carry fees that some people aren’t aware of. If you must use an ATM, use the one at your personal bank to avoid these fees.

Don’t Buy Books

A great way to save money if you’re a reader is by going to the library instead of buying new or used books.

Compare Prices

Never buy anything expensive on impulse. Always check prices online to try to find a better deal. Check to see if the stores that carry those items are having a sale any time soon.

Buy a Water Filter

Avoid bottled water at all costs. It can be incredibly expensive. Instead, get a water filter and bottle your own.

Take Care of your Car

Maintain your car regularly so that it lasts as long as possible. Change your oil when you are supposed to. This can prolong the life of your car easily and cheaply.

Buy a Used Car

Avoid new cars. They are over-priced and lose value the moment you drive them off the lot. Pre-owned vehicles are just as good and cost thousands less.

Save on Electricity

Instead of just turning appliances like your television off when not in use, unplug them. Never leave your phone charger plugged in as it uses electricity constantly. Always try to turn off lights when you are not in the room.

Ride a Bike

Instead of driving 2 miles to the convenience store, ride your bike or walk. Ride to work if it’s not too far. You’ll be amazed at how much you save in gas money.

Stay Away from Rich Friends

Friends with a lot of money will expect you to spend as much as they do. They will also expect you to have a TV, car and stereo like theirs, and you will feel like you need to keep up with them.

Ditch the Credit Cards

Only paying the minimum on credit cards is incredibly expensive in the long run. Make a plan to pay off the cards and get rid of them completely. Contrary to what many people believe it is possible to live without them.

Consolidate and Save

If you are getting behind on bills consider consolidating. This can save you more than 50% on your monthly payments and give you a way to get out of debt that you didn’t think was possible.

Saving money is actually quite easy with a little effort. Use the tips above to get yourself back on track quickly and easily.