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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs Without A College Degree

One of the most common misconceptions is that a bachelor’s degree is essential to get a well-paying job. Not true! As a matter of fact, you can get a very nice salary even without attending college. Did you know that more than half of the US workers do not have a degree?

It looks like the best paying jobs for people without a college degree are in the Construction, Utilities, Medical and service-related fields.


Top 10 best paying jobs without a degree:

1. Electrical Engineering Technician

This may seem like a complex task that requires a bachelor’s degree, but all you need is actually a high school diploma and an associate degree to get a median annual wage of approximately $56K. Basically, the electrical engineering technician helps IT professionals develop computers and other electrical and electronic equipment.

2. Oil And Gas Drill Operator

As an oil and/or gas drill operator, you can easily earn between $55-59K per year, based on your experience and skills. Basically, this job involves setting up and using a wide range of drilling equipment to extract petroleum from the earth, as well as various samples for analysis and gas exploration. All you need is a high school degree – some prior experience and knowledge are also very helpful.

3. Railroad Yardmaster

Coordinating activities of switch-engine crew is another well-paying job. As a yardmaster, your job is to supervise employees that are engaged in railroad traffic operations. The average annual wage is $55K.

4. Radiation Therapist

Even though you do not need a four-year college bachelor’s degree to work as a radiation therapist, some qualifications are required. The average yearly wage varies based on the facility you work in, but the salary can easily exceed $50K, which is pretty decent.

5. Power Plant Operator

As a power plant operator, you can earn between $45-50K per year, or even more in some situation. The power plant operator prevents blackouts by checking power plant equipment on a constant basis – this doesn’t require a diploma, although it does require a complex set of skills and some previous experience.

6. Purchasing Agent

As a purchasing agent, your job is to purchase products for companies and organizations to use and resell. This job requires no more than a high school diploma and some on-the-job training, and the average yearly wage is around $56K annually.

7. Transportation And Storage Manager

Generally speaking, managers have well-paid jobs, and some jobs don’t even ask for a bachelor’s degree. A transportation and storage manager can easily earn up to $80K a year by simply managing the budgets of the company and setting standards and policies.

8. Power Distributor

The job of a power distributor is to regulate and distribute electricity or steam, and a power distribution agent has a median annual wage of $65K per year.

9. Pile-Driver Operator

Pile-Driver operators can easily make up to $48K per year with nothing more than a high school diploma and some basic, on-the-job training. The job mainly requires heavy lifting, and the operators usually work on cranes, skids or barges.

10. Plumbers

Last, but not least, you can earn up to $47K a year by working as a plumber, as plumbers are demanded all across the US. Everybody needs a skilled plumber to install or repair pipes or appliances, and most plumbers get their skills and knowledge through apprenticeship.