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Top 3 At-Home Workouts for Guys

Summer is fast approaching, and that means heading to the beach or the pool to get some sun. But no guy wants to be the one swimming in a t-shirt, especially if it’s because he’s not cut or toned. Unfortunately, a lot of guys need to put in some work to get the body they want, but can’t afford to shell out $30/month for a gym membership. There are, however, simple routines a guy can do at home to get shredded in no time.

The top 3 at-home workouts for guys are all compound exercises, meaning that they work out multiple muscle groups instead of focusing on just one, as isolation exercises do. This means that workouts will take less time but will be more efficient, helping you get the body you want in less time.

Push Up

One of the best compound exercises to do at home is the push up. This is a classic exercise that everyone has had to do at one point in their lives. Just put your hands shoulder-width apart, lie flat on the ground, and start pushing. If you find that you cannot do one, use your knees to help lighten the load.

This exercise works out the entire upper body, including:

  • Biceps
  • Pectorals
  • Triceps
  • Abdominals

Essentially, your entire upper body is getting stronger each time you do one push up. This means you’ll get tone arms, broad shoulders, and more defined abs with one workout instead of having to do three to get the same results. And best of all, it requires no equipment or special training to do.

Pull Up

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Another good compound exercise for the upper body is the pull up. This is another classic exercise from elementary school gym class. Simply find a bar high enough that your feet don’t touch the floor, put your arms shoulder width apart, and try to pull your chin up to the bar. This can be very difficult for people just starting out, so if you find you cannot pull yourself up, try to hang on the bar for as long as possible.

The pull up works similar areas of the body as the push up, but do a better job of working out the back and the shoulders. Unlike the push up, however, it is possible to injure yourself doing this exercise, so care should be taken not to do too much too quickly. Work at a pace that is equal to your ability, work on proper form and technique, and the gains will come naturally.


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The upper body, however, should not be the only thing you work out; your lower body needs exercise, too! A good compound exercise for the lower body is the deadlift. This exercise does require a barbell with weight, but this can be substituted for anything heavy if a weight set is too expensive.

For this exercise, place the barbell in front of you, and squat down to pick it up. With your arms hanging, raise yourself into a standing position. This is one of the best exercises a person can do, and works out the whole body. The trunk and the legs, however, are worked out especially hard. The deadlift will help you build core strength, which is key to any home workout.

This exercise does contain a moderate risk of injury. Before you raise yourself up, find a spot on the upper part of the wall to focus on. Don’t put your head down! Keeping your eyes focused on one spot at all times. This will help keep your back straight and prevent it from rounding out. This greatly lowers your chance of injuring your back doing this.

While these are the top 3 at-home workouts for guys, there are many more a person can do. The key is to find good compound exercises. This way, you can be sure your whole body is getting a workout instead of just one or two isolated areas. Popeye arms are no good if you’ve got a flabby belly!

Doing these and other compound exercises will help you build muscle mass and burn fat quickly. So start with the top 3 at-home workouts for guys, and as you build muscle and fall into a good routine, start expanding your repertoire to keep your muscles fresh. You’ll be turning heads at the pool in no time!